Website, Web app and mobile creatives in Melbourne, Australia.

Support for any stage,from sketch to final deployment

1. Align On Goals

What is you north star? At this stage we ask questions about you and what your project is trying to achieve.

2. Research & Mockup

Next we research and design a clickable mockup based off your branding and project goals.

3. Instant Updates

Track your project LIVE and follow the build progress online while approving each stage.

4. Deploy and Deliver

We handover your reliable, secure and quick website or web app.

Friendly, supportive and knowledgeable

We understand it can be difficult finding trustworthy and consistent online service providers.

So we take pride in our commitment to you, providing design, development and timely services to make web easy.

Transparency, friendliness and communication are our totem values.

Reliable and Secure

We build responsive, device compatible web sites and apps that support your customers so you can focus on your business.

We use the latest web technologies to ensure your customers stay safe and to keep you protected from cyber attacks.

Curious and consistent.

This is our toolbelt for success.


CSSDesignHTMLjQueryLogo DesignUI / UXWordPress

Web App & Site

Repository where musicians can find, save and sell sheet music. Melbourne, Australia.

Online Store

Ecommerce shop selling LED lights. Wellington, New Zealand.

Mobile App & Site

Crime reporting app for a local community in New Zealand. Hawkes bay, New Zealand.
AstroDesignReactJSUI / UXVercel Deploy

Portfolio website

Design and build a web developers personal portfolio. Melbourne Australia.
CSSDesignJavascriptLogo DesignUI / UXWebFlow

Portfolio Website

Design and build a UX designers personal portfolio. Melbourne, Australia.
CSSDesignHTMLjQueryPHPRESTful APIWordPress

Mobile App & Site

IOT milk vat monitoring app to run on a raspberry pie and web app. Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
CSSDesignHTMLJavascriptLogo DesignUI / UXWebFlow

Online Store

Niche 4x4 accessories company designing and producing products for troop carriers. Perth, Western Australia.


Farm fencing services website rebuild. Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

Online Store

Educating children through natural puzzles and games. Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

This is why we do what we do

“Hey guys, just want to say a big thank you. The community have been using the app with few issues and it looks great. Appreciate all your hard work.”

Scott GrahamContractor

“The MilkWatch monitoring system saved us financially by alerting us to an issue with our refrigeration unit.”

John DegrootDairy Farmer

“Our team have collaborated with Totem Lab on many occasions, they are easy to work with and we always appreciate their input into our projects.”

The Viewshed Team

We can help. Feel free to reach out.

Who are we?

Cofounded by Joe and Rob, Totem Lab is a co-op studio based out of Melbourne, Australia. After a decade of design and development we’ve rebranded to support small to medium business owners and local communities in Australia and New Zealand.

We look forward to helping you on your next project.

How can we help?